Vehicle Electronics

Today’s cars are increasingly dependent on electronic technology, which has revolutionized the automotive industry. Electronic components such as sensors, microprocessors, and control units have replaced mechanical systems in modern cars, making them more efficient, reliable, and safer. The growing demand for electric vehicles has further accelerated the adoption of electronic technology in the automotive industry. SUMER, an electronic-oriented company, is committed to developing its technology and expanding its range of electronic products to keep pace with the growing market of automotive electronics. The application fields of SUMER engineering services include electronic infotainment systems, control systems for electromechanical parts such as EMS, EPS, BCM and their electronic components, driver assistant  and safety  systems such as ADAS, TPMS, instrument panel and cameras. In addition to design and development of electronic parts  SUMER has proven experience in in-vehicle communication networks engineering such as CAN, LIN, and Automotive Ethernet. SUMER has implemented tens of OBD protocols and ECU supervision and programming algorithms in the last twenty years.