Car Audio, Video, and Navigation (AVN) systems are electronic devices installed in automobiles to provide in-car entertainment and information. These systems include a radio receiver, a display screen, a GPS navigation unit, a DVD or CD player, and an input device such as a touch screen or voice control. AVN systems are also known as infotainment systems or in-car entertainment systems. They are important because they allow drivers to stay connected and entertained while they are driving. 

The development of AVN systems requires adherence to related standards and technologies, operating systems, and hardware, software and user interface design reliability concerns. The future of AVN systems is promising, with the potential to occupy the entire dashboard. The market is expected to grow due to the increasing demand for advanced technologies in automobiles. SUMER supplies AVN systems to car factories that fulfill the quality and performance requirements of car factories. The company strives to keep pace with advancements in related technologies and new requirements and standards, which are no less complicated than other electronic and information technology fields. For more information on AVN parts that SUMER supplies to car factories, please see our projects page.