Rear View Cameras (RVCs) are no longer considered luxury options in today’s cars. Almost every car, including economy models, now includes RVCs as a part of the driver assistance system. In some countries, RVCs have even become mandatory. SUMER has been supplying high-quality, state-of-the-art RVC systems to car factories as a part of its infotainment set. The application of static and dynamic RVC guidelines, combined with rear obstacle detection systems, requires delicate processing to be implemented in the AVN head unit. Due to safety concerns, the communication and driving requirements of the RVC module become very important even at the very first step of AVN design, which is the selection of the operating system and the processor. RVC system cameras located below the bumper require additional reliability and heat resistance measures to be considered. SUMER supplies RVC systems to IKCO for different models. For more information on this, please visit the projects page. In addition to the RVC systems, SUMER offers automotive-grade front surveillance cameras and reliable 360-degree surround view cameras.