Powertrain Control

In today's vehicle, Electronic Control Units (ECUs) play main role in most key operations of powertrain, body electronics and other sophisticated mechanisms. Recent advances in distributed control systems and avilability of electrotechnical modules and parts have made ECU technology the fastest growing technology in the vehicle industery.
SUMER Vehicle Control Engineering Co. has introduced its powertrain ECU systems for 4 to 6 cylinder cars fulfilling the requirements of car manufacturers, powertrain producers and enviromental consideration and norms.

Sumer ECU  Having implemented a portable and modular hardware and software architecture, SUMER ECUs are adaptable to any conventional powertrain design and Engine Management System (EMS).
  • Preserving performance and quality
  • Modular software and hardware design 
  • Ease of adaption to different engine types and EMS 
  • platform independent design
  • Meeting all vital standards in different steps of the design

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