Parzan Group

PARZAN industrial group was founded in 1994 with the goal of manufacturing and supplying automotive equipment and parts.
It includes a set of engineering , manufacturing, commercial and lab-services companies that mainly supply car industry, oil
and gas industry and water treatment plants with parts, equipment and services.

Today the company prides itself in its innovative skills meeting today challenges. In order to reach engineered and
patented products, SUMER CO. as a subsidiary of Parzan Group was stablished in 2011 with highly talented engineers
to design and develop platforms for controlling the processes.

PARZAN is strategically positioned to become and remain a leading industrial group in the region. Our aim is to use
our expertise to identify and acquire selected products through strategic partnerships to promote sustainable development
in the area.


Who We Are?


SUMER dedicated and proficient engineering team and their industrial expertise in the field of automotive parts and equipment 


Our Location


Address: No.277, Fatemi St., Tehran, Iran

POBox: 14145134

Tel: (+98 21) 88984760-4

Fax: (+98 21) 88984765